Many people think that it’s ironic(or a bad branding decision) that an educational program has a name which is misspelled.  Actually, that is not the case.  To understand the name and logo is to understand the background of it.  Let’s take you on the of how our company was named and the logo created.

The Name

This is a word very seldom used, but “groop” means trench.  When we group study or collaborate together on a complex project, we consider ourselves to be working “in the trenches”.  Our study groups will be working together in the trenches to learn and achieve a higher level of productivity than with self-studying.

The Logo

Easy enough, the words “groop” and “work” are grouped together to form the name. It didn’t seem right to have a name related to doing group learning and some part of it not be grouped together.
While doing some research into the saying “in the trenches”, we found an interesting drawing of how trenches were made(see the diagram below) which inspired the way the “w” is formed in the logo.  With all of this information, we have formed the logo for Groopwork.