At Groopwork, we have studied the art of creating and working in an effective study group.  In order to keep our study groups successful, there are a few steps that we make sure that we take in order to make your study and exam taking process easier.  These are only a few steps that we take to make sure that each group is highly collaborative and productive.


Only include professionals who are fully willing to participate join the group.  Some people are adverse to group studying because they don’t want to care the load of other people in the group.  Let’s be honest, there’s almost always one slacker in each group.  With Groopwork, all participants are open to working in groups.  They desire the accountability factor and the group collaboration.



Keeping our groups small (between 3-5 people) is most effective.  Studies show that when it comes to solving some of the most complex problems, studying in groups is the best way.  Using groups that are not too big and not too small make it easier for people to learning and remember concepts versus just memorizing text.



As professionals, time is valuable.  We have conflicting meetings and events which makes studying consistently difficult.  The first class involves the group to come together and develop a working agreement.  This involves a plan to meet regularly—not just before exams.



For professionals location, location, location is extremely important.  We provide tools where you can participate in video conferencing.  With helpful resources such whiteboards and screen shares, you have a one-stop shop for your studying needs.



The members hold one another accountable to preparing for study sessions ahead of time.  In some of the interactive sessions, a person is assigned to review certain material to teach the others in the group.  Points are given for participation and other activities where you will receive awards and incentives during and at the end of the completion of the program.



Review of what you have learned at conclusion of study session.  At end of each study group, review the next session in the study plan and assign each member a specific task to complete.  One person will play the facilitator during each session.


The Groopwork team consists of education advocates, instructors, and influencers who work hard to change the way you learn.  We’re dedicated to the mission of increase EdTech through the world to help others succeed.  Join the movement today.  Happy studying!