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We give you a study plan and ALL of the material that you need to increase your chances to pass the exam.

Productivity Dashboard

Keep up with your study plan, latest tasks, news, and tips.  Your personalized dashboard is designed to keep you informed and productive.

Accountability Group

Your accountability group increases your success and bridges the knowledge gaps that you have in your own experience.

Group Wiki

Our Wiki provides tons of information and resources to help you improve your industry knowledge.


Send group messages or private messages of encouragement to your group members with our chat tool.

Progress Tracking

Track your progress daily or weekly as you continue through your study plan.

The best way to study for your exam.

A unique and effective online program for professionals to group study and pass their certification exams.

Group Study Sessions

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Slack Integration

Study Plans


Test Banks

Be Accountable, Flexible, and Collaborative.

Groopwork combines accountability and collaboration tools to allow you to achieve your highest level of productive and pass your certification exam.

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People in your group to maximize your learning experience.


Resources available to help you continue your development as a professional in your field.

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